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•100% Family owned and operated

Growsafe registered chemical applicator and approved handler, ensures all agri-chemicals are handled and applied to a national standard. This helps maintain a safe and sustainable environment.

Types of Boom Spraying Done:

•Pre-Cultivation Spray Offs
•Pre-Emergence Crop
•Post-Emergence Crop
•Cereal Crops
•Young Grass
•Liquid Fertiliser
•Liquid Nitrogen
•Fodder Beet 


We Also have a Hand gun truck for;

•Gorse and Broom
•Total Vegetation Control around Industrial and Commercial sites.


We Also specialise in pest control work over the off season, these include:





•Ferrets and stoats

We can supply you with the correct agrichemical required for your job. This has the advantage that you only pay for what is used and are not left with surplus chemical or empty container to dispose of. Also, due to the quantities we purchase, we can supply agrichemicals at highly competitive prices.

Our Mission
Boom Truck

Boom Truck


We run Automatic Holden Colorado’s, this allows us to have a lower centre of gravity, with a wider wheel base than the Toyota Cruisers, as well as being lighter and more comfortable.  All this combined makes a safer and enjoyable work truck
16m wide, split into 5 auto-shut sections, to maximise the precision of the chemical being applied, and minimise and damage to crop.

We run
Topcon x25, which are state of the art technology, for maximum precision of placement, and one of the best units on the market for proof of placement.

We are also run
Precision Agriculture gear in our truck, This allows you to send us spray job info straight to us, for increased proof of placement.

We run
Teejet regulators and valves, which are the best on the market
The Teejet auto regulator allow for a constant flow rate at different speed, especially over undulation paddocks.

1200L shaped plastic tank allows us to minimise surplus chemical, and get the most out of a tank load.

The booms have 5 different hydraulic rams, which allows us to keep a precision spray fan on the ground as we spray, if the ground is undulating.  And it also allows us to swing the booms around from the safety of our cab, ready to drive on the road.

Handgun Truck

Handgun Truck


Mounted on a 2014 Single Cab, Automatic Holden Colorado.


•Twin Retractable reels


•150m Length hose, For Hard to reach places, and means less shifts, so less downtime


•800l Gold Acre tank, so we can cover a lot of ground in one load.


•Honda GX200 Motor, attached to a udor 40l/min pump and 480PSI twin diaphragm pump


•Has a system bypass valve, to maximise tank agitation


•Remote has engine shut off, so can be shut off quickly if there is a blown hose.


•Has an extra stationary motor and pump, so water can be pumped out of tanks and creeks, to save time.


•Chemical can be supplied at a discounted rate.


•Has a 6m boom which can be used for spraying out tracks and lanes.

Pest Control

Pest Control


Pest Control

We Also specialise in pest control work over the off season, these include:







•Ferrets and stoats.

•Pigeons, Geese and ducks.


A highly trained pack of dogs for pig control.

All dogs are on a strict worming program and certified for Ovis control.


We use a wide range of methods, to obtain the best control we can. These include:

•Night Shooting.

•Use of thermal scopes.


•Hunting off foot and / or Quad.

•Suppressed Rifles and subsonic ammo.


We have a comprehensive Health and Safety plan.

OSPRI approved.

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